When is it Acceptable to be Intolerant?

Millions of migrants have come to Europe this year.

New Guinean Cannibals

Imagine for a moment that there was a large population of people in New Guinea that worshipped small gold idols, spoke using clicking noises, and practiced ritual cannibalism on elderly people as well as unbelievers. Cannibalism does still exist and there are tribes and ethnic groups similar to the one I described. Perhaps they consume elderly people to help them ‘give back’ one final time or perhaps they consume unbelievers to protect limited island resources and to defend their culture. Who knows?

What if the United States were to import one hundred thousand people of this culture to Alaska as global warming refugees? From what the history of other migrant groups shows us, we can safely assume that the vast majority of the new arrivals from New Guinea would keep their language, religion, and culture, at least for the first few generations. At first Alaska would need to deal with an enormous housing/job crisis from absorbing so many people. This would take a significant amount of resources.

The next problem would be integration. It may be well and fine if their elderly consented to being ritually eaten behind closed doors. That would be their faith and no one else’s business. The problem would arise if a mere ten percent of refugees thought that it was acceptable to consume native Alaskans. What if they only did it when they felt that they could get away with it? Imagine that in order to prevent marginalization or racism towards the refugees, the government told the police to not charge anyone with cannibalism and to hide any evidence.

The problem would get worse and worse until people became afraid to leave their homes without firearms and there would be many places that Alaskans simply would not go. Public events such as concerts would be dangerous as emboldened refugees realized that there were no consequences from the law for their behavior. Oh, and these refugees have an average of ten children per family. What would happen to Alaska in fifty years?

muslim rape

Muslims in Europe have a 6000% higher rape rate over other Europeans.

As ridiculous as it sounds, Europe is having a similar problem. Millions of Muslims are coming in as refugees. While most are peaceful, they come with a disproportionate amount of young men committing sexual crimes. In order to avoid ‘racism’ against the Islamic faith, police have been ordered to under report sexual assaults.

This has been going on for years now. The young Arabic men have become emboldened, culminating in the mass New Year sex assaults. Over six hundred women in Germany alone reported a sexual assault on New Year’s day when migrants shot fireworks into the crowds and assaulted women in mass. The media was censored for five days before the scale of the story was finally revealed by foreign press.

If we are to believe feminists that only three percent of sexual assaults are reported, then there were really upwards of twenty thousand sexual assaults on one day alone in Germany from Arabic men.

Where is the feminist outcry over this? It turns out that since Arabic men are a minority, much like the New Guinea refugees, that they now have a special privilege to rape and attack vulnerable people. Feminists are now awkwardly supporting the rapists over the victims. This is the new refugee crisis. With Germany’s low native birth rates and extremely high Arabic birth rates, the problem may only get worse. One can deny reality, but one can not deny the effects of denying reality–at least not forever.

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