The Liberal Media is Defining Trump, as They Did Bush

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There’s a first time for everything. And last night was a first for me: my first time at a political rally.

I was at Trump’s rally in Sunrise, Florida. I actually got a pretty good seat with a decent view.

Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be the violent, hate-filled chaos the media makes Trump rallies out to be?

Well, I didn’t think that would be the case. But I didn’t expect it to be as enjoyable as it was.

Here are some of my random observations in case they’re of interest to any of my friends out there curious about Trump rallies:

  • There were a ton of people. Most of the arena (the BB&T Center, where the Panthers hockey team plays) was full. I’m not an expert at sizing up crowds, but I’d say 10,000 people easy.
  • The crowd was diverse. There were lots of Hispanics there, African Americans, Asians. There were blue collar workers and white collar professionals. About an even mix of men and women.
  • The Trump supporters are friendly and civilized. The people I saw and talked to were polite and easy going. Lots of families. And a lot of independent, first-time Republican voters, actually.
  • There was no aggression against Trump protesters. In fact, protesters were given a designated protest area outside (like what is done at LDS General Conference). When a protester started shouting stuff during the rally, the most the audience did was boo them. They were then escorted out. The protesters would resist being escorted out, pushing their bodies against the security guards to try to stay in.
  • Trump’s speech was pretty entertaining. You have to admit the guy has a lot of charisma. And he’s articulate. He makes a lot of great asides and one-liners without reading off a script. There wasn’t anything offensive or hateful in the content of his speech, although if your name is Hillary Clinton you’ll probably find the whole thing offensive.

Why do I bring this up? Besides the fact that I like describing to the whole world my trips to political rallies, it ties in with an important point to keep in mind for anyone following the election: the level of media bias in favor of Clinton is absolutely astonishing.

The mainstream media would have you believe that Trump rallies are basically Klan meetings where deadbeat white guys talk about punishing the rest of the population and beat up protesters. Where Trump talks mindless incoherencies and threatens to assassinate his opponents.

When you’re actually there, you get what Trump is talking about. You get when he’s joking. You get when he’s being funny or coy. You get when he’s talking tough to pump people up (like a coach who tells his players to “destroy” the other team–mean to be taken figuratively, not literally).

When you hear Trump speak in the context of normal human communication, nothing he says is offensive (again, unless you happen to be named Hillary Clinton).

But when you read the paraphrasing and selective quoting of the mainstream media, he appears to be an “unhinged” madman.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. We all know that the mainstream media is bought by the same interests that control the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton. What is surprising is that so many of us have fallen prey to the propaganda.

Let’s face it: the mainstream media is Hillary Clinton’s greatest weapon. You cannot underestimate the immense power and influence it has to shape public opinion.

Remember the number they did on George W. Bush?

Bush had his failing and his successes as President. But no matter how you feel he did as President, how would you answer this question: is George W. Bush dumb?

A majority of people would probably answer in the affirmative.

But wait? An intellectually deficient Yale and Harvard Grad (with an M.B.A.?). Who is known to be a highly competent analytical thinker by those who knows him personally?

How did Bush become our “Dumb President?” The power of the mainstream media.

When you have hundreds of news stations, newspapers, and news websites blowing up every Bush gaffe–and add in the comic powers of every late night talk show host (including the monolith that is Jon Stewart and the Comedy Central gang)–Bush’s idiocy becomes a matter of fact, not speculation.

We all saw this happen right in front of our eyes. But, of course, part of the power of persuasion is that it works even when we know what the persuader is doing. So now, George W. Bush is the “Dumb President” even to most Republicans.

If you think the mainstream media isn’t going to use these same tactics–which have a track record of providing fantastic results–in what is perhaps the most important campaign in US History, then you neglect human nature.

I can tell you this: they know what they’re doing. They are phenomenal at what what they do. The mainstream media has successfully painted Trump as “unhinged,” “racist,” “dark,” a “danger to national security,” and untrustworthy “with the nuclear codes.”

And let me add this: the fact that those specific words and phrases and so widely associated with Trump is not a coincidence. The mainstream media machine is so efficiently orchestrated that they even decide (with the help of top behavioral scientists) which words, phrases, and ideas will have the most impact. Then they coordinate across platforms and networks in order to get their message out in synchronization.

The left is using its biggest guns against Trump–and it’s working. Outrage after manufactured outrage follows his campaign. There’s no comment that cannot be taken out of context, turned into a gaffe, and converted into a sensationalist headline. We’ve gotten to the point where a Second Amendment comment becomes an assassination threat.

The bad news is that, as with Bush–and probably as with any future Republican candidate if Trump loses this election–Republicans are buying into the Left’s propaganda. It may prove to be our own undoing.

The bought mainstream media machine is fighting harder than ever. Obviously, Trump is a threat to the interests that fund them.

If they win this election, the left-leaning influence over our capacity to perceive information will be solidified for decades to come. If they lose, it might just break the spell of the Left-wing mainstream media machine over public thought.

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Luis Miguel
Luis Antonio Miguel is a writer, marketer, and family man from South Florida. He started World Light Review as a way of promoting Gospel living in our modern world.

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