I’m Voting for Trump (And I’m Not Racist)

If you’re a Republican or conservative, you may be on the fence about whether to support Trump or not this presidential election.

You probably started out the primary cycle with the same mentality we all had: no matter who wins, I’m going to support the nominee lest we repeat the mistake of many “pure” ideological voters who “couldn’t bring themselves” to vote for Romney and inadvertently got Obama elected to a second term.

However, once Trump won the nomination, you started having second thoughts. You really, really don’t want Hillary to win. You know she’s bought. You know her disastrous record as Secretary of State. Her contempt for the law. Her collusion against Bernie Sanders.

You know that a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean a Supreme Court packed with liberal justices. An assault on the Second Amendment. A continuation of indecisive half-measures against ISIS. Vetoes on attempts to repeal ObamaCare. And a racially-driven stigmatization of our nation’s police officers.

But you’re not sure if you can bring yourself to vote for Donald Trump.

Maybe it’s because you think he isn’t a true conservative. Even though conservative thought is divided on many issues and no Republican candidate has ever passed the “ideologically pure” test for all voters. And on issues like immigration, dealing with ObamaCare, and the Second Amendment, Trump is as conservative as can be.

Maybe it’s because he’s loud, talks like a fourth-grader, and is always calling people names. Even though that behavior is a persuasion tactic that allowed him to win his party’s nomination and erode at Hillary’s popularity (just think about how now even many Democrats believe Clinton to be “crooked”).

And then there’s the racism factor. Donald Trump is clearly a racist because he hates Mexicans. Even though he only talks about enforcing immigration law regardless of the race of would-be illegal immigrants. And Mexico is not a race, but a nationality comprised of many races–including white, blacks, mestizos, and Asians (yes, there are Asian-Mexicans). And most Latin American countries–including Mexico– have strict immigration laws that involve the imprisonment and deportation of illegal aliens. But when Mexico does it it’s not racist since they’re not white (even though many of them are white).

He hates Muslims. That’s why he wants to discriminate against an entire faith of people by not letting them enter our country. Even though the Constitution doesn’t oblige us to have any immigration or refugee quotas and people coming in aren’t US citizens so the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to them.

And the people coming in from the Muslim world are susceptible to radicalization, after which they can contact a highly organized terror network (ISIS) through social media and create sleeper cells in our county. And ISIS is organizing attacks non-stop throughout the Western World. And Trump emphasizes the moratorium is temporary until a better vetting system can be devised.

Supporting Trump has become taboo to the point that it will get you ostracized in social and professional circles. That’s why you’d rather let Hillary win the election than cast your vote for the guy. After all, in our hyper-race sensitive world that favors everyone but white people, there’s nothing worse than being seen as racist. I’m completely serious. You can survive being labeled a pervert, a charlatan, an idiot–but the racist tag will absolutely destroy you.

I guess I lucked out since I’m Hispanic, and the media would have you believe a minority can’t be racist (but whites have to watch their every step to avoid racism accusations). So I can speak my mind and not care what people might think. Since anyone who knows me knows I’m not racist.

I was born in East LA. Grew up in California where my group of friends consisted of whites, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Indians. I then lived in the South and never experienced any racism. I lived in the melting pot of Florida.

I lived nearly five years of my adult life in Mexico and made many, many friends there.

I can tell you directly: I’m not racist. And the stuff Donald Trump says–and the policies he promotes–are not racist.

Is Trump crass? Yes. Narcissistic? Of course (but what person running for President of the most powerful nation on earth isn’t?). Racist? No way.

I have never been offended by anything Trump has said. And no one who makes accusations of Trump’s supposed “racism” ever points to a specific statement in which he makes actual racist comments.

Of course, if you go by the headlines, the rewordings, and the “outrages” of the mainstream media, Trump looks hella racist.

But isn’t this the same mainstream media that turned Mitt Romney–a Mormon devoted lay clergyman and philanthropist–into a heartless fiend because of his “binders of women” and “47 percent” comments (and putting his dog on top of his car)?

The mainstream media is smart. And most of those who comprise it want Hillary Clinton to win. Don’t you think they know that the best card in their deck is the “racism card?” You know, the same one they use whenever conservatives push for IDs requirements at the voting booth and tougher sentences for felons.

Don’t you think the media knows the power of confirmation bias? It’s like if you think a friend of yours is gay. He may not really be gay. But if someone tells you he is, you’re going to think he was glancing at you too long or that pat on the back was a little too intimate.

The media primes people into thinking Trump is racist. Then everything he does is seen through the lens of racism.

Trump’s security detail escorts Jorge Ramos out of a press conference because he keeps speaking out of turn and interrupting other reporters after he already had his turn (but is then allowed back in)? RACIST!

Trump proudly brings attention to an African American supporter at a rally. RACIST!

Trump asks supporters to raise their hand in show of support? NAZI SALUTE! SUPER RACIST!

Trump says the judge handling his case may be biased in light of his proposed policies regarding immigration and the judge’s public affiliation with La Raza Lawyer’s Association (which is known to support illegal immigration and even called for a boycott on Trump)? THE RACIST LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHARTS!!!

The left-leaning media really knows how to do its job. As conservatives, though, we should know better than to let ourselves be led by the lies the media tells us.

I’m supporting Trump because I agree with most of his policies and I think he has a good shot at making a difference. I’m a realist and I don’t think any candidate is going to wave a wand and magically fix everything. But I do believe he has the capacity to be a force for good.

It’s true that he’s often abrasive. Does that make him a bad person or unfit for office? I can’t see into his soul just as I can’t see into anyone else’s but my own.

But Trump reminds me of my high school sports coaches who were good guys but knew that sometimes you’ve gotta be tough to get results–even if that means you’re labeled the bad guy. Sometimes you have to say what has to be said and do what has to be done–even if it makes you unpopular and you look like a douche.

In the end, if you have strong ideological reasons for not voting Trump, then follow through with what you believe (of course, there’s also the consideration that a Republican President Trump would still be answerable to his conservative Republican base and peers in Congress, whereas Hillary would have no such allegiance).

But if you want to stop Hillary Clinton from getting into the White House and the only thing keeping you from backing Trump is fear of “racism,” I urge you to ignore the left-wing propaganda machine and have a calm conscience while pulling the lever for The Donald.

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Luis Miguel
Luis Antonio Miguel is a writer, marketer, and family man from South Florida. He started World Light Review as a way of promoting Gospel living in our modern world.

2 Comments on "I’m Voting for Trump (And I’m Not Racist)"

  1. Glad I’ve finally found sonemhitg I agree with!

  2. I’m a republican, but all I can say is that Donald Trump antagonizes the political party. He is the primary reason everyone depicts us as morons. Honestly, I did not vote this past election, because I could not justify supporting either of these clowns. The two major party nominees were too far out on the end of their spectrum. It would have been ideal to see more moderate candidates. Consider this if McCain ran for presidency this election I would have voted. I find it hard to accept that people reviewed Trumps policies and still supported him. lets not evade the truth; Trump is a entrepreneur/executive and a reality TV star. Trump was never a politician and never will be, but it goes to show money is power in a corrupt election system of super PACs.

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