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A while back, I wrote about the weirdest diaper changing experience I’ve ever had. Later I wrote another article on Arrow and her favorite baby toys. That post was written on her favorite toys, which are unfortunately the ones that could possibly kill her.

Parenthood is funny to me. I find it funny because it’s often crazy, and babies do crazy things. I love to write about those wacky moments and share them with the world, because I’m pretty darn sure someone else can relate. At the very least, it gives a wee bit of preparation for those who are not yet parents 😉

Never will be my intention is to not knock down parenthood in my stories. In fact, my goal has always been the opposite. I had hoped to convey in my writing that even despite the continual “keeping it real” moments, it’s pretty great being a parent.

I worry I might have missed the mark on that. This worry of mine originates from a comment I received the other day from someone who, after talking about some of these posts, said,

“And these are the reasons that I will never have children. I mean that as respectfully as possible, but no thanks.”

Well friends, that made me feel bad. As a parent, the last thing I would want to do is discourage others from having a family of their own. Clearly, this person had already decided previously they didn’t want to have a family. I don’t think my posts made that huge of a difference. But I worry if I had incindentally added a “tally mark” on their list of reasons why not to have kids, without conveying all the good stuff that comes along with motherhood.

I can understand a bit when someone doesn’t want to have children, because I was somewhat like that in the before-children days. My situation was I liked kids enough that I thought I should have one or two, but I was terrified of everything about it. Having survived it, and still surviving it, (and enjoying it, some days) I thought I would share some of my fears back in the BC days, and my feelings now. Hopefully, we can erase those negative tally marks.


Just a few weeks ago, my own baby was caught stuffing her messy diaper in her face. My baby! Was eating poop! It was disgusting. Before I had a baby, I was so grossed at the prospect of changing diapers, wiping runny noses, and drooling. The drooling, especially, made me shudder.

So how did I overcome that? Well, fact is, I honestly just got used to it. Everyone does. And you probably get used to it fast. I did at least. In the newborn stages, you’re in a bit of a survivor mode, so you’ll do just about anything so you can get back to sleep. So if it means wiping a little bum that blasted a diaper, then so be it. That pillow is screaming your name.

If it’s any comfort, babies are pretty tiny. Which means their first messes are tiny. I almost think it’s nature’s way of apologizing for making you feel like you’ve been thrust under a bus when you go home with a new baby. It’s a slow exposure to getting used to changing those diapers.

Now that we’ve established that babies do gross things, let me tell you this as well.  Babies also do really cool things. Watching them work that little brain of theirs is fascinating. I love to watch my little one figure out how to put her toy balls into a cup, and then pull them out. I can tell that she’s learning about space and dimensions. Then there’s the bigger exciting moments, like watching her learn to crawl or to grab a toy when it’s extended to her.

Now of course, sometimes I wish she couldn’t do either of those things because now she won’t stay where I lay her, and she has an insatiable desire to grab at my earrings. 🙂


Chauntel Jacobs and her husband Taylor are some awesome people. Besides film, graphic design and photography they also are parents of a cute toddler. you can learn all about them at


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