Episode 2 | To Find What Was Lost | Sojourn

I was the oldest of 8 kids in my family. I spent most of my life Helping others, which is good, but I have over done it and feel like I have lost a part of myself and a lot of time. So When Jason said he was going on this trip it sounded like fun. I hope to find a part of my self that has been lost in a life time of helping others but never really looking at what I wanted.

Published on Nov 11, 2014

We inspire & Empower others through our dreams. Sojourn is how we live to inspire you.  The premise: We have a one-way ticket to New Zealand and the only way we will be able to pay for the trip is by helping others along the way. We believe that as we help those on our path to achieve their dreams that they will want to help us with ours.   Kyle and I are both video producers by trade and have been working with a small production company in Utah called COMV Productions. We decided it was time to fulfill a dream of ours to travel the world. Because we are both good with a camera we wanted to make a YouTube series out of it.

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