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We sat down with a Utah Music Award Nominee to discuss his projects, influences and goals. 

Arthur Minasyan was born in Armenia. At the young age of 8 he began attending music school where his mother was a teacher. One day during the country’s years of war and cold from lack of power, Arthur sat by the piano and started to play something by candlelight. His mother took notice and asked what he was playing. He enthusiastically replied, “I don’t know mom, but I’ve made up something new.”

Since then he has worked on becoming an accomplished pianist, composer, and arranger.

His Most Recent piece ” If You Only Knew” originally came to him December 24th 2014

    ” I was getting ready to visit my sister  for Christmas – something was going in my mind that very beginning melody kept coming back. I was packing my bags but I kept feeling there was some music and tune I had to get down on the keyboard. Slowly it was making sense, building gradually . I didn’t get it all that day but I recorded a bit of it  to work on later. It felt like something I wanted to share with people.”

     ” I came up with the title while I was working on the composition.  I had this feeling that there are many times when maybe we are not understood in a way we want to be understood.
     In life we fall down, stand up, there is a struggle. We may subconsciously ask “If u only knew what was going on in my mind in my heart”.  It can bring sadness to out heart. but it can also be beautiful. sadness can have beauty to it.

ifuonly knew

The remainder took about 2 months to complete.  After it was written it he had the idea to have a video accompany it. ComV Productions led by Weston Childers helped with the project.

“We decided to keep it  simple and let the the listener create there own story, that way its more up to them what they want to imagine. We decided to go with black and white more subdued. Weston and his team came, we recorded the footage without sound and synced the music later in post.”

Arthur’s collaboration with Vocalist Marj Dejesus and cellist Sydney Ripplinger led to a rendition of

How Great Thou Art :


“Marj asked me if I wanted to arrange one of the church hymns in a way that we can present to people. I showed her some things id been working on and she yes this is awesome, then Sydney did her part based on my arrangement. We recorded at a church ward building for the piano part.  I had to follow her voice the whole time but it tricky because she couldn’t sing out loud. Eventually we figured out a way by having her whisper  in a mic that was going into headphone I wore.”

Mike Folks  who produced it brought professional mics and software to help record and tune the piano. They recorded the cello and vocal part at his studio.

“The Colors of Christmas” was nominated by Utah Music Awards in 2014

Music brought him to Salt Lake City,  Utah – After hearing from a friend he decided to take a chance and come to focus on music make changes in life. although he had a job and was doing music in Armenia type of music wasn’t as marketable.

” The purpose of my music is to touch the hearts of people  – to help them enjoy and ponder about life. Be kinder to each other”



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